Buh-Bye, Giambi

When I went to an A’s game last month, I remember seeing a banner above one of the gates entering the stadium that shows a picture of Jason Giambi and the words, “100% Back.” I remember thinking to myself, “Well, it’s definitely not 100%. Maybe 40 or 50%.”

Well, now it’s zero percent, as the A’s cut Giambi today.

I can’t say I’m surprised; Bob Geren had been less than helpful when answering recent questions about Giambi coming off the disabled list. Seemed like something was up, and that was it.

We’d all rather see Tommy Everidge in there for the remainder of the season, so it’s the right move.

In other A’s first basemen news, Baseball America ranked the hottest prospects going right now, and the A’s Chris Carter, now at Double-A Midland, is #1 on the list. He’s hitting .333/.428/.560 on the year. At 22, he’ll probably be in Sacramento next year but if he stays as hot as he’s been, he could be in green and gold by this time next year.

Sounds good to me, because I think the job is open.

Go A’s…


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