2 Games: Starring Rich Harden and Ryan Sweeney

Well the title of this blog post would seem a lot more positive if it was written two years ago, but instead Rich Harden pitched for the other team and dominated the A’s on Monday.

$6.5 million for one year for Harden, or $10 million for one year of Ben Sheets? Hmmm…

However it seems very possible, if not very likely, that Harden didn’t even want to come to Oakland. So it may not have even been an option at the time.

But still, I can help but look at that and just think – bleeeeech.

Luckily for the A’s Ryan Sweeney played like a #3 hitter in last night’s game, as his 5 RBI helped the A’s pull of a 7-6 win over the Rangers. Vin Mazzaro giving up a grand slam to Vlad Guerrero in the 3rd didn’t sink the A’s, thanks to Sweeney.

And luckily for me, today’s game is a day game, as I’ve had a hard time staying up for these late night games. The A’s could take back first place with a win today.

Go A’s!!

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