Eric Patterson

A few weeks ago I said that Eric Patterson is lucky to be a major league roster. Last night I had a dream that Eric Patterson finished the season with 26 home runs.

The reality is the happy medium of the two, in that Patterson is playing regularly and playing well, including his golf shot home run to right field during yesterday’s win over the Rangers.

It was funny, I was watching it on and had the Rangers feed going, and the Rangers announced called it a “pop up to right field.” And that is what it looked like, really. Patterson golfed it high in the air, but it just kept going. The announcers were saying he was “all of 120 pounds” and they “had no idea he was that strong.” Me either!

Trevor Cahill got the win in a game in which his out pitch – his sinker – resulted in several double plays to keep the Rangers off the board.

The A’s are back in first place after taking two of three from the Rangers. This weekend it’s the Rays.

Go A’s!!

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