Spring Forward

Today Daylight Savings time begins. Though instead of springing forward an hour, wouldn’t it have been nice to spring forward to April 1? The waiting sure is the hardest part.

I’m not a big spring training person. Sure it’s nice to know there’s actual baseball being played and to start reading new A’s tidbits every day. And I know the players need the time to ease into everyday baseball again. Maybe someday I’ll actually go to spring training and get a different perspective on things. But for now, sitting in my house while it’s still 30 degrees outside… yawn.

I ready today that Justin Duchsherer’s hip is hurting again. Remember when that used to be A’s news? Well now it’s Orioles news. Still, we’re back to reading about how Rich Harden plans to throw off the mound soon (talk about a broken record).

That got me wondering what some other former A’s are up to, so I did some Googling.

– It looks like Eric Chavez is probably going to be on the Yankees bench to start the season. He’s hitting .409 (9-for-22) so far this spring, though he only has one extra base hit, a double.

– Pretty Custian numbers for Jack Cust, now with the Mariners. He’s hitting .259 (7-for-27) with 1 home run and 10 strikeouts. I wonder if we will miss him this season. I fear he will hurt us a time or two when we play Seattle.

– Bobby Crosby still does not have a team. O hai, Ed.

And how about our actual current Oakland Athletics? I have to say, I, like everyone else, am psyched about Michael Choice. He’s still a ways away from the big leagues, but it’s hard not to get excited when you hear nothing but glowing things said about him. Of course, I also was excited about Michael Taylor this time last year. Choice has more time to grow into his potential though.

And I’m really rooting for Andy LaRoche to do well and make the team. As a former top prospect and former A’s dream trade acquisition turned failed Pittsburgh Pirate, he’s probably not ever going to be more than a utility player. But if he turns into a 2004 Marco Scuataro, or even a 2009 Adam Kennedy, I will be thrilled.

Eighteen short days until it finally begins for real. I. Can’t. Wait. Go A’s!!

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