I’m Still An A’s Fan

But man, has this been a rough stretch. Watching games just isn’t even much of a thought in my mind right now – though I may tune in to see a few innings of Gio Gonzalez tonight, as I missed his debut last week.

The A’s, as a team, slug at an AL-worst .366. Who on this A’s offense would start on other teams? Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney, maybe? But even those guys would be fourth and fifth outfielders on some teams. There is not one guy who would start on every team in baseball. It’s really depressing.

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle brought up the idea of bringing up Cliff Pennington from Sacramento to play in place of Jack “.056 in August” Hannahan. I hope they try that and maybe consider brining Wes Bankston back up to play first in place of Daric “.114 since the Break” Barton. Those two should have to battle it out for a job in the spring next year. Daric should have to earn it if he wants to keep his job.

I’m looking forward to the September 1 roster expansion, when we can try out some more Rivercats and try to get our minds of the horrors that have been the post-Break Oakland A’s. Of course, that’s still three weeks away so maybe we can turn it around before then.

The A’s face the Evan Longoria-less Rays tonight. Go A’s!

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