The Road Trip That Didn’t Break Us

Last night, I watched a show called “Caught Looking” on the NBC Sports channel. It follows MLB teams behind the scenes as they go through crucial series down the stretch.

The episode that was on last night featured the A’s and their series in New York against the Yankees last weekend. This was a very well-done documentary-style rehashing of that series from the A’s perspective. It hurt almost as bad watching Raul Ibanez’s home run sail into the right field seats as it did on Saturday. The only reason it hurt a little less this time is that I know it didn’t break us fans and it didn’t break the A’s.

Saturday’s loss was as heartbreaking as I’ve experienced as an A’s fan in the past five seasons. After taking a four-run lead in the 13th inning, the A’s couldn’t hold it and lost in 14. This team that features 18 rookies could’ve gotten down on itself, but what did they do to respond? Beat the Yankees in another one-run game. Then they went to Arlington and split a four-game series with the division-leading Rangers. The fact that this team has won more games than it has lost since dropping that epic 14-inning game in the Bronx is very telling of the resilience of these A’s.

So the A’s went 4-6 on the brutal, 10-day trip that was supposed to break them – only it didn’t. They lost a little bit of ground in the Wild Card race, but still hold the second Wild Card spot with a two-game lead over the Angels and Rays, with six games left to play.

They’re still in the driver’s seat, in control of their own destiny, and they have to take care of business at home. The final push begins tonight. Go A’s!!!


The Road Trip That Didn’t Break Us — 2 Comments

  1. Both the Angels & the Rays are playing very good ball right now. Its gonna be tough to hold on, but like you said, we’re in the driver’s seat. All we gotta do is win.

    A quick question:
    Do you want the Angels or the Rangers to sweep their series? If the Angels sweep, we have a legitimate chance at the division title. If the Rangers sweep, the Angels loose the wildcard, the Rangers clinch the division, and the Rangers rest for our final series.

  2. It is a tough call. I think the A’s needed to take 3 out of 4 this week in Arlington to have a legitimate chance at the division and they didn’t do it. At four games back, I think we have to think Wild Card, which means the Angels need to lose, even if it means Texas winning.

    It would be nice to have a Wild Card spot sewn up with a day or two to go and not be white knuckled the final day of the season. But at the same time that means playing in the Wild Card play-in game and I’m scared to death of that game. But, that’s playoff baseball for you!

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