Nobody Said it Would be Easy

It’s hard to believe how quickly the A’s got themselves a six-game lead in the A.L. West, and how quickly that evaporated. The A’s were up six games over the Rangers on July 29, after beating the Blue Jays 9-4, but then it only took nine calendar days for that lead to completely disappear. That’s what happens when the A’s go 1-6 while the Rangers reel off a winning streak.

call-sogThe A’s just finished off a six-game road trip with a 3-3 record, and that’s actually a miracle considering how sloppy the team looked at times over the course of that week. But the way the Rangers are playing right now, that one game back the A’s stand right now feels like six.

But as we’ve seen already this season, tides can change very quickly. The Rangers won’t play .800 ball forever. And the A’s will start to pick things up, which hopefully begins when they take care of business against the Astros this week.

A few other random things to mention:

– I’m glad the A’s made the smart move to send Tommy Milone down to AAA, and I hope that A.J. Griffin is next when Brett Anderson is ready to come back, which should hopefully be by Labor Day. Sonny Gray may be a rookie, but he’s got a higher ceiling than both of those guys, and we’ve seen Milone and Griffin enough to know that they are what they are. It seems silly to say, but I feel like I trust Gray more than Griffin and Milone to get big league hitters out. He has the stuff to go after guys. Also, sometimes just new blood helps.

– Speaking of new blood, the acquisition of Alberto Callaspo has been a good one for the A’s so far, at least offensively. After starting out his A’s career 0-for-10, Callaspo has gotten some big hits of late, including 2-RBI doubles in back-to-back games that broke late ties and helped the A’s beat the Blue Jays. Maybe when all is said and done, we will be sad that the A’s traded away Grant Green for a year and a half of this guy. But so far, so good at the plate. Defense, however, is another story. Let’s hope it’s not something that we need to talk about as the season goes on.

– And then there’s Adam Rosales. What the heck is going on between Oakland and Texas and Rosales on the waiver wire? Both teams have waived and claimed the guy twice in the past two weeks. It seems like Texas was claiming Rosales just to mess with the A’s, but now they are saying they need a utility man since they traded for Alex Rios. Should I believe them? Not that I miss Rosales, but this whole thing is just so weird.

The A’s get Houston, a struggling Cleveland, and Seattle next so it’s time to get back on track. Go A’s!!


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