Well the A’s managed to win a game yesterday to avoid an 0-8 road trip. 0-8 would’ve been awful but 1-7 is not much better. They continued their streaky ways again, as this season high seven-game losing streak immediately followed a five-game winning streak (and that followed a 1-7 stretch, which followed a four-game winning streak). Ugh, A’s. What are you?

Chris+Coghlan+_RQVYIIuZtOmThe answer to that is what it was when I wrote my last blog about three weeks ago, and that’s “not very good.” Injuries are still a thing – Rich Hill is now on the DL, and Khris Davis and Danny Valencia sat out both of the games in Milwaukee with ailments. Sonny Gray came back, which is nice, but this is still a very battered bunch, with 10 guys still on the DL. At least they were able to find a taker for Chris Coghlan, as the Cubs wanted him back and gave the A’s an actual sort of prospect for him, speedy switch hitting infielder Arismendy Alcantara.

In seasons like these, it is often fun to focus on other things that the day-to-day playing of baseball games, and we got one of those things last week with the draft. Thanks to being crappy last year, the A’s had the hi-res-80121db6ce4a851b2d06869f9d985f06_crop_northhighest pick they’ve had since they selected Mark Mulder #2 overall in 1998. This year they picked sixth and went with a big tall lefty pitcher, A.J. Puk. I won’t even pretend that I follow college baseball at all but the fact that this guy was considered a potential #1 overall at one point makes me pretty glad the A’s landed him here. Then with the competitive balance lottery pick at #37, the A’s drafted Cal pitcher Daulton Jefferies who posted a 1.08 ERA in college ball this season. Then in the second round, they picked Puk’s Florida teammate Logan Shore, a kid who actually put up better numbers than the highly touted Puk this season. It’s always easy to be optimistic about draft picks but the general consensus is that the A’s did very well here, and I’ll go with that. I gotta go with something.

The A’s are back home after their abysmal road trip, and it would be nice to see them win a few with A.L. West rivals coming to town. They’ll get the first place Rangers for four and then the Angels for three over the weekend. Go A’s…

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