One-Hit Magic

Of course it happened last night as it always does. I was watching the game from the start, and my husband came in the room as the seventh inning was starting. “The A’s are winning,” I told him. “The Red Sox have ZERO in the hit column.”

“Pefect game!” he said.

“No, he hit a batter,” I said. “But it’s still a no-you-know-what-er.”

And then David Ortiz came up and hit a base hit. Sorry, guys. But I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

But I’ll take the one-hit gem that Justin Duchscherer threw against the Manny-less Red Sox last night, and, even more than that, I’ll take the A’s win and the possible sweep it sets up this afternoon.

Duke as a starter seemed an odd notion when the idea came up this past offseason, but no one can be arguing that now. He’s 4-3 with a 2.16 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP.

Today Jon Lester takes the mount for the Sox in his first start since his no-hitter. Can Joe Blanton best him to give the A’s a surprising Memorial Day weekend sweep?

Go A’s!!

Power + Power = Win

I knew we’d see some power pitching with Rich Harden on the mound, but it was nice to see some power on the other side of the ball for the A’s as well. I picked a great game to decide to watch.

It took me an inning or two to get past that stuff on the end of Harden’s chin, but I wouldn’t have cared if he had a ZZ Top beard down to his knees by the time he started piling up the strikeouts against the Red Sox.

And Frank Thomas? I love that man and love that he’s back to thriving in Oakland. I can’t wait until Toronto is in town next week. It was also nice to see Mark Ellis get a big home run on his first night back from injury.

Tonight we get I’m Not As Good As You Thought I’d Be versus I’m Better Than You Thought I’d Be in Josh Beckett vs. Justin Duchscherer. Can we get two in a row from these guys? I’ll be watching!

Go A’s!!