Four for Friday

1. What are the A’s going to do with Daric Barton? Should they do anything with Daric or just let him play? This has been brought up on The Drumbeat and Rotoworld, as Daric is in a 7-for-55 (.127) slump.

My call: Eric Chavez will be back in a week or sooner. If Daric is still struggling, send him down Sactown to make room for Eric. Play Jack Hannahan and Mike Sweeney at first base until Chavez or someone else goes back on the DL in a few weeks. By then, Daric should have found his stroke and would be ready to come back. At least that’s what I’d do if this was my Out of the Park Baseball team.

2. Three of the A’s top pitching prospects have gone down with injuries, as James Simmons has been shut down due to dead arm syndrome, Fautino De Los Santos has a sore elbow, and Brett Anderson is now on the DL with a strained left thumb. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come with these guys (though Simmons’ and DLS’s statuses are far more worrisome than Anderson’s) as we need a healthy trend going forward.

3. Instant replay or no instant replay? Ray Ratto tackles the issue here, and I’ve been following the coverage on ESPN the last day or two after the question re-arose following three blown home run calls in the last week.

Personally I’d hate to see MLB take the NFL approach and have calls reviewable. Can you imagine Bob Geren throwing a yellow challenge flag after a blown call at second base? Then the umpire would stick his face in the view finder and review the play, delaying the game for five to ten minutes as they figure it out. Then the pitcher would have to throw as he waits to stay loose. No thanks.

Baseball is the only game without a clock, so there is a certain rhythm to the way it plays out that can’t be measured. I’d rather keep it that way even if it means human officials will make human errors.

4. I’m really looking forward to watching tonight’s game, despite my pessimistic attitude toward this series. It’s the first game in quite awhile that I’ll be watching, so welcome back to my life, Oakland A’s! 🙂

Out of – and back into – the loop

It’s been a crazy, A’s-less last few weeks for me, with general life happenings and the decision to leave the Sports Cartel blog network and transition to my independent blog site (yay, dot net!), and now I’m trying to getting myself back into the loop.

I noticed the A’s lost a few. I was at the Dodgers/Brewers game last Wednesday and was watching the out of town scoreboard throughout the game. The A’s lost that one 2-0, as they ran into the buzzsaw that was the Cleveland Indians pitching staff. In fact, since that day I spent at Miller Park in Milwaukee, the A’s have gone 2-6. Maybe it’s because I wore a pink A’s hat with a Brewers T-shirt. That has to be curse-worthy, doesn’t it? If so, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

It was just a little over a week ago when named the A’s the #1 team in all of baseball in their Power Rankings. They dropped to #5 the following week, and will likely find themselves out of the top 10 by this time Friday. Such is the long marathon that is a baseball team.

But which A’s are the real A’s? The 6-11 May A’s? The 15-10 April A’s? The 1-1 March A’s? I say the latter, as it seems likely this team will settle somewhere in the middle. But that’s the easy answer, isn’t it?

Today is an off day as the A’s get ready for another go-round with the Boston Red Sox. Haven’t we seen enough of these guys this year already? With the A’s currently two games above .500, I’ll be happy if they can be still above .500 on Memorial Day.

Go A’s!!